Research groups or collaborations may submit a written proposal for experimental activity to the LSC by means of an expression of interest (EOI).

Any document to be evaluated at the next meeting of the Scientific Committee must reach the LSC by the deadline indicated in the call for proposals. The LSC is responsible for distributing the EOI’s to the Committee members.

The expression of interest must contain the basic scientific, economic and organisational elements, which are necessary for the laboratory to initiate the evaluation process, with the assistance of the Scientific Committee.

These elements are:

  • Project title

  • Spokesperson and structure of the collaboration

  • Scientific proposal: description of the scientific case. This section should include a comparison with other ongoing experiments or proposals, specifying the reasons for being underground.

  • Aims and objectives

  • Work plan, with a first approximation to a time scale of the estimated time needed to carry out the experiment.

  • Requirements for the LSC, in terms of personnel and equipment. This section should include a list of the equipment needed to carry out the experiment, an estimate of the weekly working hours for the person in charge of the laboratory, and possible requests to the rest of the laboratory services.

  • Evaluation of the environmental impact (safety level of the biological models used, chemical products, etc.).

  • Bibliographical references