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2302, 2024

Bio Platform: experiment “Effect of low radiation and microgravity on C.elegans infection”

23 February, 2024|Featured, Generals|

On 16 February, the planned onsite works of experiment PB-02-22: "Effect of low radiaction and microgravity on C.elegans infection" were completed. In this last round, staff from the Evolutionary Systems Virology group (I2SysBio) conducted assays to quantitatively study the effects of low radiation and microgravity on viral infection and intestinal permeability. Developmental changes between above- and under-ground populations were also studied.

1602, 2024

New implosion tests of the PMTs of the Hyper-Kamiokande telescope in collaboration with SOCIB

16 February, 2024|Featured, Generals|

The sixth implosion test campaign, led by the LSC and carried out at the SOCIB facilities (Mallorca), has recently been successfully completed. These campaigns aim to validate the viability of the protective covers of the sensors of the future HK telescope.

2112, 2023

Bio Platform: Experiment “Ticking of epigenetic and senescence aging clocks in cosmic silence”

21 December, 2023|Featured, Generals|

This week the first onsite phase of the PB-07-23 experiment ends. Staff from the ICO-IDIBGI Metabolism and Cancer group have been working with different cell lines to study senescence and the modulation of epigenic clocks in response to cosmic silence.

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