The transposition of the EURATOM/2013/59/ directive into Spanish law, in particular the publications of the new technical building code (Royal Decree 732/2019), of the Regulation on health protection against the risks arising from exposure to ionising radiation (Royal Decree 1029/2022) and especially of the National Plan against Radon, have aroused great public interest in this field. It is to be expected that in the coming years the implementation of the National Plan will lead to a significant increase in radon-related activities in all its aspects.

In this context, we are pleased to announce that this autumn, from 11 to 13 November, a workshop dedicated to radon R&D will be held at the LSC facilities in Canfranc Estación, with the participation of researchers and key players. The main objective is to bring together the different groups that have developed and are developing research projects on this subject in Spain, together with some national and European experts, to encourage scientific exchange, promote future projects and ensure that they generate new knowledge and offer solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Registration is now open, until 15 October, and access to the registration form, and all the information on this workshop, is available: