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1804, 2024

Hyper-Kamiokande Workshop in Barcelona

18 April, 2024|Featured, Generals|

El telescopio HK detectará neutrinos gracias a 22.000 tubos fotomultiplicadores (PMTs) colocados en el interior del tanque. Para evitar la posible ruptura en cadena de estos es esencial encontrar el diseño óptimo de una cubierta que absorba la onda explansiva que se produce tras la ruptura de un PMT.

803, 2024

Scientific Day for high school students

8 March, 2024|Featured, Generals|

On 6 March, the LSC held a Scientific Day. This time, it was aimed at science students in the 2nd year of Bachillerato from the high schools of Jaca. During this day, the students participated in different workshops and learned about the most commonly used techniques at the LSC, such as copper electroforming or gamma spectroscopy. The day ended with a visit to the underground facilities.

2302, 2024

Bio Platform: experiment “Effect of low radiation and microgravity on C.elegans infection”

23 February, 2024|Featured, Generals|

On 16 February, the planned onsite works of experiment PB-02-22: "Effect of low radiaction and microgravity on C.elegans infection" were completed. In this last round, staff from the Evolutionary Systems Virology group (I2SysBio) conducted assays to quantitatively study the effects of low radiation and microgravity on viral infection and intestinal permeability. Developmental changes between above- and under-ground populations were also studied.

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