The LSC has completed the recruitment of the temporary recruitment quota authorised for the 2020 financial year, consisting of a mass spectrometry and analysis technician and a cryogenics and gas system technician.

Once the corresponding selection processes have been completed, Ms Laura Cid Barrio will join as an analysis and mass spectrometry technician, while Ms Beatriz Hernandez Molinero will join as a cryogenics and gas system technician.

These new additions are expected to improve the services provided by the Laboratory to the experiments housed there, through the start-up of the Mass Spectrometry Analysis Service and the improvement of support to the Centre’s Physics and Chemistry Laboratories.

Likewise, the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) has seconded Ana Belén Núñez Chico, who has joined the activities since this month, to the Laboratory to support the engineering tasks for the scaling up of the experiment from NEXT NEW to NEXT 100.