Ana Aricha Yanguas, Vice Deputy Director-General for the Internationalisation of Science and Innovation, Secretary General for Research, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the LSC Director represented Spain in the HyperKamiokande experiment Financial Forum (HKFF) celebrated in Tokio on June 7.

Additionally, they visited the excavated 21 meter domed support of the future 69 m diameter and 73 m tall cylinder, which will become the largest artificial underground cavity in the world. Spain is among the main international partners already committed to contribute to the construction of HyperKamiokande and LSC coordinates the Spanish contributions which will consist on the construction and delivery of multiple detector components in June 2026. DIPC, UdG, UO, UPV, USC and LSC members, in collaboration with industry, are currently finalizing the R&D phase of the project.