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Science goes underground, by Susana Cebrian (UNIZAR)


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Scientific Meetings  




The Scientific Advisory Committee is composed of scientist of international reputation. It gives advice on experimental proposals and monitors the progress of the approved experiments.  It meets twice a year. New proposals should be submitted no later than three weeks before each meeting.

- It is presently composed of:

David Sinclair (Chairman) - Carleton University (Canadá)

Frank T. Avignone - University of South Carolina (USA)

Mark Chen - Queen's University, Ontario (Canada)

Eligio Lisi - INFN, Bari (Italy)

Paola Tropea - CERN, Geneva (Switzerland)

Antonio Bueno Villar- Universidad de Granada, Granada (España)

Cristiano Galbiati - Princeton University, New Jersey (USA)

Andrea Giuliani - CSNSM, Orsay Campus (Francia)

Berta Rubio Barroso - CSIC, Instituto de Física Corpuscular, Valencia (España)






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